See our official program for the entire weekend. The program will be updated regularly as new exhibitors and more arrangements are publicised.


Saturday 10:00 – Divers Event officially opens

Divers Event 2023 officially opens


Saturday 12:00 – Lecture: A technical diving adventure with Rasmus Dysted

The desire to explore remote and undiscovered  corners of our world is a fundamental part of human nature. It is also what drives Rasmus, when he puts on his technical diving equipment and dives deep and far into complex cave systems. The desire to explore and to better understand the world we live in.

Rasmus is one of Denmarkøs most expienced technical divers, and he is not just a teacher in technical diving, Rasmus is an instuctor trainer in many technical courses, which puts him in a position to educate the technical diving instuctors of the future.

Come and hear more about Rasmus’ many interesting adventures – Those that have gone well, and those that didn’t quite go as planned.


Saturday kl. 13:30 – Lecture: Mikkel Noe-Nygaard’s guide to becoming the second-best underwater photographer: Teachings by a former master, who might not be able to photograph any more

Come and have a laugh with Mikkel Noe-Nygaard, former Denmark champion in underwater photography, who will share his story of how he once was a good underwater photographer.

It is true that it has been some time since Mikkel last participated in a competition and nobody knows if he still has it in him, but Mikkel loves to share his experiences and insider tips, so you might avoid making the same mistakes he did and maybe even supplant his former titel as Denmark’s champion. Come and participate in the fun and entertaining trip into the world of underwater photography – We promise that you will leave smarter than when you arrived! 


Saturday 15:00 – Lecture: Xunaan-Ha expedition in Mexico

By Rannvá Tórfríð Jørmundsson & Maria Bollerup

Back in 2021 Rannvá and Maria, two of the most experienced female technical cavedivers in the Scandinavian region, participated in the Xunaan-Ha expedition – Come along and listen to what they discovered beneath the Mexican jungle. Pollution from cities and tourism is contaminating the aquifer that is the sole source of fresh water in the Yucatán Peninsula, where more than 2.3 million people are living, and more than 3.2 million tourists are spending their holiday each year. Six of the world’s best female divers spent two weeks on a Rolex-supported expedition mapping cave systems and taking water samples from sinkholes that were explored for the first time in the modern era. Come along and listen to what the girls found – both planned discoveries, and the surprises that the dives brought them.


Saturday 17:00 – The exhibition closes for today

Come back tomorrow for further events, exhibitions and presentations.


Sunday 10:00 – The doors are opened

Divers Event is ready for yet another exciting day in the name of Diving.


Sunday 10:30 – Lecture: PADI Member Forum


Participation in this presentation requires proof of valid PADI Professional membership (Divemaster or higher). Participants must register for the Member Forum at the following link; Coming Soon

The PADI Member Forum brings PADI Professionals together for an update of all the latest news and training developments. It is a great way to stay up to date with PADI both on a global and local scale. Run by staff from the PADI EMEA Regional Headquarters, the PADI Member Forum presents a fantastic opportunity to ask any questions you have and source all new information needed to further enhance the courses you are teaching.

The Member Forum is free of charge, though registration is required.

Be sure to not miss this chance to hear the latest news from PADI and to meet with other PADI Professionals in your area.


Sunday 12:00 – Lecture

Soon to be announced


Sunday 14:00 – Lecture: Expedition Buteng

By Maria Bollerup & Rannvá Tórfríð Jørmundsson

In October 2023 Maria and Rannva participates in yet a thrilling expedition in Indonesia. Maria and Rannva is some of the most experienced female technical cavedivers, who both took part in the 2021 Xunaan-Ha expedition in Mexico. Come an listen to what their upcoming adventures is all about.


Sunday 16:00 – Divers Event 2023 ends

Divers Event 2023 is over and out. Thank you to all who participated.